Lockdown Market mission is to market business service around IOT devices, cybersecurity and business software integration. The aim is to be the number one content provider globally for those who have an interest in the secure connected world.

Lockdown Market is part of the foydigital group of companies which is a web agency delivering powerful media and marketing solutions.

Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) series https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/certifications/exams/az-900 and https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/training/paths/microsoft-azure-fundamentals-describe-cloud-concepts/ https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/training/browse/ https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/training/ Foundational knowledge of cloud services cloud concepts Azure services Azure workloads security privacy pricing support technology concepts networking storage compute application support application development Session 1 Cloud computing Describe the shared responsibility model Define cloud model
Beton aces and Williams interactive Architecture of BETon aces resources cloud-based, on-premises and hybrid On demand delivery. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud EC2 virtual server only pay for what you want/need (scaling up and down instances with the cloud). Using on-demand pricing then moving to Amazon EC2 Savings Plans with AWS Cost Explore using the discounted rate. Analysed Amazon EC2 usage over the past 60 days.

Cloud Security - Skills Development Resource

Introduction to Cloud
Introductions and Cloud Architecture  
Cloud Essential Characteristics
Cloud Service Models   
Cloud Deployment Models  
Shared Responsibilities

Infrastructure Security for Cloud

Introduction to Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing
Software Defined Network 
Cloud Network Security   
Securing Compute Workloads
Management Plane Security
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

1. Which two actions affect all of the widgets in the Application Command Center?

If you choose an in choice your question score will be deducted

setting a global filter 

setting a time range 

setting a local filter

setting a global search

2. What built-in administrator role allows all rights except for the creation of administrative accounts and virtual systems?





Custom role

1.Which decimal number is represented by the binary number 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0?

  • 73


  • 176

  • 182


    1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 has 1s in the 128, 32, 16, 4 and 2 position. Add those together to arrive at 182.

2. What does ARP stand for and what does it do?

  • Advanced Routing Protocol determines routes between MAC addresses.

  • Advanced Resolution Protocol resolves network names to IP addresses.


SSL/TLS review

Importance of SSL/TLS

Why Decrypt Network Traffic?

...SSL decryption on the firewall helps to prevent the introduction of malware -->in .... Data exfiltration -->out .

.create policy rules to decrypt traffic preventing malicious encrypted content from entering your network and sensitive content from leaving your network concealed as encrypted traffic. ...Palo Alto Networks firewall can decrypt SSHv2 and SSL/TLS inbound and outbound network traffic.

View Threat and Traffic Information 

In the Dashboard

The Dashboard

Widgets for Viewing Threat Information

Widgets for Viewing Application Information

Global Filters and local

Widgets on the ACC Network Activity and Threat Activity Tabs

In the logs

Firewall Logging Overview

Correlation Engine, Objects, and Events

App Scope Reports

App Scope Reports: What’s Available?

In predefined reports

Firewall Logging and Reporting Overview

In custom reports

1 The job of a router is to _____.

  • assign IP addresses to hosts on the network

    A DHCP server assigns IP addresses to hosts.

  • connect networks with different network IDs .While some routers have many other built-in services, the primary job of a router is to connect networks with different network IDs.

  • allow outside hosts to initiate contact with hosts on the LAN side of a network

  • map IP addresses against MAC addresses

Introducing routers


>>User ID overview

4 main components. Grp the users. users use username and group in Policies >Security then see Monitor > Logs > Traffic (source user) check on the ruler

Domain controller are used to allow trust. An agent used in the domain controller works with the firewall when accessing the internet (outside). 

User-ID Main Functions

IP address map to username

Grp mapping using LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol)