Lockdown Market mission is to market business service around IOT devices, cybersecurity and business software integration. The aim is to be the number one content provider globally for those who have an interest in the secure connected world.

Lockdown Market is part of the foydigital group of companies which is a web agency delivering powerful media and marketing solutions.

Portfolio Overview

Data Lake, XDR, AutoFocus,  XSOAR

Network endpoints and cloud

Three Pillars are Enterprise, Cloud and the Future

Strata, Prisma and Cortex

Key elements

  • Complete Visibility
  • Reduce attack surface
  • Prevent know threats
  • Prevent unknown threats (ML)


Secure the Enterprise

Portfolio of products Strata, VM and CN series, Subscription service, Panorama, Wildfire, GlobalProtect (VPN), Prisma (SaaS, cloud, Access)

Network Security PCNSA (EDU-210)

To know

  1. Routing and switching (vlans)
  2. IP addressing
  3. Basic security concepts

Exam tests/quiz, labs and end of course exam

Palo Alto Network know as PAN

14 modules on the course


The two most prominent LAN technologies in use today are Ethernet (supports bandwidths of up to 100 Gbps equivalent to 100,000 Mbps) and WLAN.

Ethernet operates in the data link layer and the physical layer. Ethernet sublayers are related to the frame fields. The Ethernet MAC address is used and a MAC address table is built up in a switch. On the switch ports there is forwarding methods and port settings available on Layer 2. Also switch speeds come into the methods.

Logic to physical to logic

Commands are case-sensitive. This is true.

When entering a command, do arguments or options typically come first? Options comes first.

Which command will print your current location in the filesystem? present working directory which is the command pwd

Which command will allow you to change your current directory? change directory which is the command cd.

Which of the following is not an example of an absolute path?  Documents is not an absolute path.

Integrity ensures that data remains unchanged and trustworthy. It is therefore an art to maintain the design, implementation and usage of any system that stores, processes, or transmits data. 

How do we create a digital signature? A code signing is a method of verifying code integrity. Digital signatures and certificates incorporates the data integrity controls to provide users a way of verifying the authenticity of messages and documents.

The the step by step process for creating a digital signature must take the following steps.

Looking at team working, the impact on colleagues and conflicts within the work place.

Team working and integration (security digital transformation and cloud based tools)

Most personal work independently but within a team, group or department
A team is a small group of people with complementary skills, committed to a common purpose
Payroll, Accounts department and the Production team


DevOps, networking,  software developer and web team

How do you protect your security on an AWS server?

This is the answer to your cloud cybersecurity challenges protect your data with the service called GuardDuty.

So what is GuardDuty what does it do? GuardDuty monitors egress traffic logs from NAT/VPC gateway and/or can we import proxy logs (eg squid) to the tool to identify outgoing anomalous behaviour? VPC flow logs and DNS logs is monitored. So this means there is a focus on AWS account logs security.

An increasingly online world comes with an increased level of risk. By offering you security insurance for the potential dangers of cyberspace, you given added peace of mind in your digital lives.

Whether you are concerned about cyber extortion or cyberbullying, the impact of identity fraud or the financial loss of stolen credit card details, our global insurance distribution platform provides you with coverage for all kinds of cyberattacks.

Virtual meetings are now the norm. We use it for business and even to socialise!

Zoom has emerged as a leader in this space. It is a first choice for many small to medium size businesses. 72% of companies with 500 or fewer using Zoom. (Source: 2018 State of Video Conferencing Report).

If you are using Zoom, are you getting the best out of platform? Or Are you considering whether or not to purchase Zoom?