AWS Essentials

Beton aces and Williams interactive Architecture of BETon aces resources cloud-based, on-premises and hybrid On demand delivery. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud EC2 virtual server only pay for what you want/need (scaling up and down instances with the cloud). Using on-demand pricing then moving to Amazon EC2 Savings Plans with AWS Cost Explore using the discounted rate. Analysed Amazon EC2 usage over the past 60 days. Then use for a 1 year term. Decoupled architecture The benefits of Elastic Load Balancing (application) were realised with weekend sporting events which created demand and increased betting activity for european region. multiple EC2 instances all running the same program are shared out. A secure and resizable compute capacity for virtually any workload or IaaS on demand is used. Cost-effective Architecture automatically responds to changing demand by scaling out or in. Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling by dynamic scaling. Resources types or family are compute optimised (batch processing workloads required processing many transactions in a single group.) and general purpose. Elastic Load Balancing and Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling are separate services... they work together. Williams On-premises deployment is also known as a private cloud deployment Compliance and government regulations require your business to keep certain records on premises. hybrid deployment, cloud-based resources are connected to on-premises infrastructure. AWS glossary at White paper of AWS talks about Cloud Computing Models (Cloud Computing Models IaaS, PasS, SaaS) deployment cloud, hybrid and on-premises. Also the global infrastructure, Security and compliance. Also includes all their services. Service like storage, identity, network and content delivery with API's, governance, ML, databases and compute services and More from a monolithic application architecture which is a components might include databases, servers, the user interface, business logic (single point of failure ) to a design application approach through microservices ie loosely couple. Two services facilitate For application integration there is 1. Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) such as AWS Lambda functions for an example 2.Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) such as. Buffing queue between A and B and messaging and queuing. Application to application and Using Amazon SNS for application-to-person (A2P) messaging AWS infrastructure selected for a region based on compliance with local law, near to customers, the services being available and what price the service cost. In the region 3 zones are chosen to run EC2 instances LOW lantency ---> DR considerations CND OR Content network delivery is used ----> which is cached content (data, video, webpages etc) locally --> Amazon cloudfront can be used ---> edge locations -separate from regions used (for DNS services Amazon Route53 is used .. within a building Outpost can be used. see AWS management console is the manual way to operate in the cloud. CLI using API calls in scripts is the automated way. Code/config --> --> use a) Elastic beanstalk OR b)AWS cloudformation which is Infrasture as code (this uses yaml/JSON templates) template for an EC2 instance includes Security grps wrapped around -Elastic load balancer -database - EC2 instance - auto scaling -application monitoring other use cases storage, databases, ML etc and more build on AWS with scripting dev tools C++ Go Java Javascript .Net Node.js PHP Python Ruby Networking virtual private gateway virtual private network (VPN) AWS Direct Connect Hybrid deployments Layers of security an IT strategy Services of the AWS global network IDE Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) Visual Studio Code AWS Budgets set alerts if you go over say 80% cost per month in usage. This is cost control with budgeting and forecasting and when going over AWS Free Tier limits. Support levels are: free Developer Business --Enterprise On-Ramp-- Enterprise Well architected framework: operational excellence security reliability performance efficiency cost optimisation AWS Market place... one click deployment free trials and pay on demand options Grp by: Operating Systems Security Networking Storage Data Analytics Dev Ops Machine Learning Data Products View all categories -------------------------- A path to move hosting to AWS