About us

The mission

Lockdown Market mission statement is to market business service around IOT devices, cybersecurity and business software integration. The aim is to be the number one content provider globally for those who have an interest in the secure connected world.

Lockdown Market is part of the foydigital group of companies which is a web agency delivering powerful media and marketing solutions.

International business online

International business online means the transfer of data to suppliers and customers. Is this secure? For example by promoting the business to countries in Asia, African and Caribbean businesses will this mean an exposer to cyber crime online. Anyone who wants to generate a second income should look at digital business investments in Sub Sahara Africa plus the Caribbean as a way to provide revenue and legacy into the long term. This needs to be carried out safely. A business needs to know the risk. We wish international money, investment and knowledge transfer to occur between Africans on the continent and their descendants around the world. This website will therefore champion and promotes secure business practice for companies with the aims to do this.

Thank you.