Load Software and Integrate to Enhance your Product

What are cloud services and integrated software which can be load on hardware devices? Computing infrastructure, platforms and software are services business can pay for from the cloud. SaaS can be Google Docs or Microsoft Word, Github, Trello, Canva, Marvel, Dropbox and Slack these are tools for collaboration in real time for teams.

Cloud computing. Video on demand, software development tools, data mining solutions and virtual backup are examples of these tools. Repeatable and reliable systems depend on a high level of automation.  Use tried and tested Open Source tools to deliver your solutions, contributing back to those communities where you can.

The online software marketplace is a place where connectivity is at it's heart. Development in React.js/Native mean on your mobile web (adaptive, responsive) data can be called from the back end to the end user. Progressive Web App, mobile app (native, hybrid) are based on  APIs (RESTful/OData/JSON) and API design first.

For example and ecommerce platform would connect with a payment solution with a sure call the a specialist service provider that can handle the transaction. API Management Platform (e.g. Mulesoft, Dell Boomi, Oracle Fusion, MS Biztalk, Google/Apigee, Software AG, AWS Gateway, IBM API Connect) are in many software solutions from the root architecture. For example CMS platforms: Drupal, Oracle, Liferay, Contentful incorporate is in their latest versions.

Here we shall give more examples:

 Experience working with CI/CD pipelines and deployment strategies

 Cloud-native experience with service providers such as Azure and AWS, working in PaaS, FaaS and IaaS