Integrity ensures that data remains unchanged and trustworthy. It is therefore an art to maintain the design, implementation and usage of any system that stores, processes, or transmits data. 

How do we create a digital signature? A code signing is a method of verifying code integrity. Digital signatures and certificates incorporates the data integrity controls to provide users a way of verifying the authenticity of messages and documents.

The the step by step process for creating a digital signature must take the following steps.

How do you protect your security on an AWS server?

This is the answer to your cloud cybersecurity challenges protect your data with the service called GuardDuty.

So what is GuardDuty what does it do? GuardDuty monitors egress traffic logs from NAT/VPC gateway and/or can we import proxy logs (eg squid) to the tool to identify outgoing anomalous behaviour? VPC flow logs and DNS logs is monitored. So this means there is a focus on AWS account logs security.

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